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Saturday Afternoon Haul - March 5, 2022

Today's Saturday Afternoon haul is a small one but features one of those white unicorn-type figures that only comes around once in a long time!

The first one is a variant of Frankenstein's monster--shirtless! Admittedly, I'm not sure that this is from a specific movie, but when I spotted it online, I knew I had to have it. As the creator of a Frankenstein-inspired character who is often shirtless himself, I can appreciate the similarities! This monster also features stitches on his chest and his hands are bound by a chain. I really like these Mego Universal Monsters, but this one is probably my favorite so far!

Our second acquisition of the week is a certain Boy Wonder--another 12" variant from the Spin Master line with Robin in Tim Drake-style red and black. I've looked in local stores for months trying to catch this one, but I had to resort to an online purchase. The sculpt on this one is the same as the others in this line and features the Bat Tech markings on Robin's gauntlets and chest.

And now, a figure that I've been wanting since it was announced--the Gotham Knights version of Tim Drake from McFarlane--is here! I'm not a huge fan of the Robin costume. The hooded "jacket" doesn't feel right for Tim, but the rest looks fine. Some of the photos made his face not look right, but now that I see it in real life, it looks fine. I got this one online, but I hope I find another one in stores so I can display it on my desk.


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