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Ongoing | Comic Format | Digital + Print | Mature Readers | Golden Age Owlverse

In the pantheon of comics, where Batman, Spider-Man, and Spawn stand as icons, Osbourn Draw and Cereal Creatures introduces Jason Bronze, aka Jason Frankenstein: Harrowing. He’s the dark avenger of mid-century Justice City, a place haunted by horrors old and new—monstrous beasts, eccentric villains, gangsters, and even Nazis. Alongside Jason, a fiery ward, a top scientist, the city’s first female commissioner, and his own killer-turned-advisor, forge a saga that shocks, scares, and utterly enthralls. Prepare for a comic experience that’s both a nod to the classics and a unique thrill ride of its own.


Ongoing | Comic Format | Digital + Print | Mature Readers | Golden Age Owlverse

In the heart of mid-century America, a group of young men, once victims of alien abduction, are now the nation’s last line of defense against cosmic and supernatural threats. Conscripted into a covert operation under the watchful eye of J. Edgar Hoover, these soldiers possess the unique ability to tap into a dark universe that once breached our own.

Meet James Allen Kollins aka "Jak", the enigmatic pumpkin-faced man, and Tim Morris, the undercover alien, as they join forces with other twisted heroes to combat the unknown. From their base in the orbiting Black Knight satellite, they wage a silent war to keep humanity safe.

This thrilling series, part of the golden age Owlverse, masterfully blends science fiction, horror, and pulp, delivering a riveting adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Dare to delve into the unknown. Your journey awaits.

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Mad Boy Monsters: Dead Defenders

Ongoing | Comic Format | Digital + Print | Mature Readers | Modern Age Owlverse

The monsters are unleashed as your favorite Owlverse monsters team up to take on the forces of darkness.

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Super Monsters

Ongoing | Comic Format | Digital + Print | Mature Readers | Cereal Creatures

Frankenstein. Dracula. The Invisible Man. Mummies and werewolves. They've been reimagined, reinterpreted in stories, decorations, toys and yes, comics. Now, those vintage characters are back in this all-new series from Cereal Creatures.

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