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Saturday Afternoon Haul - A DC Comics Sweep--with a few extras!

We have lots of DC Comics merch this week! Our haul even includes some older stuff like this Robin and cycle from Batman: The Animated Series. This toy was from a McDonalds Happy Meal in 1993! He still zips along, too!

Robin McDonalds toy

And to make the perfect trio, we have a couple older DC figures of Conner Kent as Superboy and Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern! They're a little beat up, but I got them free from the best toy store in Kansas, 1313 Mockingbird in Lawrence, KS.

Superboy and Green Lantern

And here's something I didn't even know existed: A DC Justice League "Flextreme" bendable figure of Robin! And, looking at that "R", I can guess this is the Tim Drake version! This came from Dollar General.

Robin bendy figure

The next batch is an older haul and includes a 12" Nightwing, 12" Flash (from the movie), an Arkham video game version of Scarecrow from McFarlane Toys and a Batman and Nightwing from the latest wave coming from Spin Master.

Nightwing, Flash, Batman and Scarecrow figures

I also picked up Impulse and the Flashpoint Superman from McFarlane Toys, both Gold Label figures.

Impulse and Project Superman figures

And some brand new Black Beetle movie figures including the 12" statue version to wrap up the DC portion of this haul. The detailing on these Blue Beetle figures are very well done--some of the best from McFarlane in the DC line.

Blue Beetle figures

But wait, we have some bonus toys! It's the long-sought Baxter Stockman from the rerelease of the vintage TMNT line. This now completes the figures I was looking for! And I also picked up Spider-Man 2099 from the latest Spider-verse movie. I'm not sure what I think of the new Marvel legends packaging. It's better than the windowless boxes, but it doesn't quite level up to the old packaging.

TMNT's Baxter Stockman and Spider-Man 2099 figures

And quite some time back, my brother picked up Donatello for me. This is one of the giant-size Turtles that mostly copies the 1989 version. I'm not collecting all of them, so Donnie will do just fine! And look at that excellent vintage artwork on Donatello and Baxter. It's as good as the figures themselves! Turtle power!

Jumbo-size Donatello from TMNT


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