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A Perfect Saturday Afternoon Haul - August 19, 2023 - Tim Drake and Universal Monsters

I don't know if there is a perfect Saturday afternoon merch haul, but having new Tim Drake Robin and Universal must be at the pinnacle of someone's wish list (other than mine, of course).

The new released McFarlane Toys 90's era Tim Drake was a figure we knew would eventually get here considering they released a variant with the One Year Later all red suit last year. From the pages of the "Robin: Reborn" storyline, this figure showcases the most iconic red and green suit with a bow staff and batarang as his accessories. The box art features the cover of Robin #1 (the Boy Wonder's first ever ongoing series in Bat history) and with that you have the makings of a top notch entry in the McFarlane releases for the year!

Tim Drake Robin McFarlane Toys figure

Tim Drake Robin Reborn back art

And now from Gotham to Earth--This Island Earth, that is! It's the Super7 Metaluna Mutant ULTIMATES 7" figure only available through a pre-order! And we got one!

Adorned in pop art slipcase packaging that in itself is worthy of display, the alien drone comes with a couple different hands and two heads (one of them the bloodied, wounded version).

He may only be a tangential Universal Monster, but with a design this cool, isn't it time that the Metaluna Mutant made a comeback?

Super7 Ultimates Metaluna Mutant

Metaluna packaging

Metaluna Mutant back slipcase packaging

There's no way we're getting through a "perfect" haul without an appearance by the Universal Monsters. And here they are in an artistically charged tarot card set.

Universal Monsters tarot cards

But wait, there's more! It's the Universal Monsters 16-month 2024 calendar! Fresh art and spooky reveals each month--who could ask for more? And the best part: I didn't have to order from somewhere across the globe like last year! Get yours today!

Universal Monsters calendar

P.S. - Doesn't Dracula just give off a "Can't anyone make a popular movie about me?" vibe. Sorry, too soon. Go see or buy "The Last Voyage of the Demeter"!

Universal Monsters calendar back



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