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Saturday Afternoon Haul - July 29, 2023: Musclebound Men and a Witch

Today's toy haul features musclebound men and a witch.

First up, we've got this Marvel Legends Sub-mariner. I've collected a few of the Submariner figures over the years and this one looked pretty detailed. When I saw it at the toy store, I considered that it would be good for a custom of our own Teen Satan figure, but I think we'll leave it in the package.


I've not collected many of the new Mattel Masters of the Universe lines. A few classics and the new versions of Mer-man, She-Ra and of course Battlecat! But this version of He-man was calling to me from the shelf. I still can't figure it out, but I really like this design of "Battle Armor He-Man". I think I had the classic 80's version of the "battle damage" He-man figure with the rotating damaged chest and this is a great successor to that figure. I could have done without the bearded Aquaman look, but it still works.

Battle Armor He-Man

Battle Armor He-Man packaging back

I said I didn't buy many of the Masters figures. But, I did buy She-Ra and I couldn't pass up this Shadow Weaver when I saw Target had it on sale for $10.

Shadow Weaver

And lastly, I like the character of Scarecrow in DC and Marvel, so I picked up this DC Primal Age version of their Scarecrow. Designed to look like the 80's Masters of the Universe line, these Primal Age figures were unique and even had a tie-in comic book.

DC Primal Age Scarecrow


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