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Turtle Power! Toy Power!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem is hitting theaters in about a month and we've got our hands on a few of the new merch items that have released at Target! Plus, a special classic figure we've been looking for...

First up is the new Mutatin' Raph, based on the 90's version and exclusive to Target. There's also a Leo version, but no sign of the other Turtles so those are likely a second wave or not Target exclusives.

Mutatin Raph

I never had this one as a kid. How is it supposed to work?

Mutatin Raph back card

Continuing the theme of Target exclusives, here's a look at the "Making of a Ninja" Leonardo that features a full teenage version, a turtle tot version and, of course, a baby turtle. Also, these figures glow and from what I see pretty brightly, too. There's also a Raphael version exclusive to Target, so I'd expect a Donnie and Mikey version to follow.

Mutant Mayhem Making of a Ninja Leo

Making of a Ninja Leo back

And finally, in the world of Mutant Mayhem, I picked up Splinter and Leatherhead.

Mutant Mayhem Splinter and Leatherhead

And just by happenstance, I also picked up the classic version of the Splinter and Leatherhead, too! Which design do you prefer? I have to go with the classic Splinter, but I'm split on the ragin' cajun. I kinda like the Mutant Mayhem version a tad better.

And look at the artwork! I'm diggin' the new Mutant Mayhem designs, but nothing beats the classic 80's/90's aesthetic!

Classic TMNT Splinter and Leatherhead

Classic TMNT Splinter and Leatherneck back cards


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