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Saturday Afternoon Haul - Beetlejuice, Neal Adams House of Terror, Steelbooks, Madman and Zan's Butt.

Today's Saturday Afternoon Haul for April 27, 2024, takes a little different path than our usual fare with merch from Beetlejuice, Wonder Twins (and yes, Zan's butt), Madman, a couple Steelbooks and this great Neal Adams House of Terror book and record.

I was a huge fan of the Beetlejuice cartoon and the action figures. I'm looking at you the now-closed Gibson's store! But I wavered on this peel and stick clingers set from Walmart. It seems to come out of nowhere, but the iconic art style and upcoming movie sequel made me go for it--when it was discounted.

Beetlejuice Clingers

Walmart's foray into Steelbooks led me to these great metal creations featuring wonderful Creature of the Black Lagoon black and white art and well, a pretty. boring Batman Beyond image. Too bad Batman didn't get the painted artwork treatment.

Creature and Batman Beyond Steenboks

As someone who has his own Frankenstein-inspired character, I've always been a fan of Madman. This figure, from the Longbow Heroes series, looks pretty good and is fun add to the collection.

Longbox Heroes Madman

This strange find is a reissue of one of those book and record sets from the 70's or 80's from the late, great superstar Neal Adams. No Batman here, this is all Monsters! Frankenstein's monster, Count Dracula and Werewolf are all here along with great Neal Adams art in a collectible, full-color comic. This is the vampyre-blood splattered edition, too! This was a kid's thing, right? How times have changed...

Neal Adams House of Terror

Neal Adams Monsters record back

And finally, we picked up these Zan and Jayna (and their space monkey Gleek) statues from that 70's Saturday morning cartoon romp Superfriends. It came as a two-for in a Master Replicas sale with a hefty discount. This Iron Studios special features nice sculpts, including abs and a tight butt that you wouldn't have found on Saturday morning. Wonder Twin powers activate!

Zan, the Wonder Twin

Iron Studios Wonder Twins

Zan's sculpted ass


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