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Saturday Afternoon Haul - Summer's Almost Over Edition

Welcome to our weekly Saturday afternoon toy, action figure and march haul! We're into that time of year when the last embers of summer are burning (literally, it's over 100 degrees) and the summer movies and merchandise are starting to get stale. So, this Saturday we've got a few things in the collection that follow that idea. First up is this new Jaws Funko display featuring Roy Scheider's Chief Brody. As a fan of both Jaws and the former SeaQuest captain, this was an immediate pickup.

And just below the sheriff is the Walmart exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem "Mutation Station" pack featuring Beach Bum Mikey, Cowboy Leo, Astronaut Raph and Donnie as Mr. Spock. These turtles in disguise are likely intended to harken back to the many variants Playmates put out in the 90's, which did include turtles in space gear and Star Trek variants (I'm sure having the Trek licensed helped make that possible). Now, if we could just get the Universal Monsters variants in stores again...

Jaws Chief Brody Funk and Turtles in Disguise

The Batman '66 collection expanded thanks to these two new variants featuring Batman and Robin with their breather masks and a couple accessories.

Batman and Robin with breathers

And since we're wrapping up summer that means HALLOWEEN is right around the corner! As avid Halloween decor hunters, we at Cereal Creatures bring you the first pickup of the not-quite-fall season. This is the blow mold witch from Cracker Barrel. It looks very vintage and is a great add to the spooky room. Though not pictured, I did pick up the Frankenstein and Bride salt and pepper shakers and a "It's the Great. Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" t-shirt. Cracker Barrel always hits it out of the park with their Halloween offerings and this year (my first to see it in person) was no exception!

Golden Corral Witch Blow Mold


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