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Saturday Afternoon Haul: Batman + Nightwing Featured

In today's Saturday Afternoon Haul, both Batman Beyond and Nightwing are featured. Plus, a little Superman, too.

The first figures are a set from McFarlane Toys that I've had my eye on for awhile. As a fan of Batman Beyond, I knew this was one that I had to eventually pick up. The Justice Lord Superman is fine for a figure, but I would have much rather it included Superman Beyond, who appeared in a number of comics over the years, as well as the Batman Beyond series itself. The design of the Justice Lord Superman is at least in the same ballpark as Superman Beyond, so I have to wonder if this wasn't the intention since the latter figure doesn't exist. Terry sports a green, circuit-inspired look, likely from the comics, but includes a more bat-like wing expanse.

McFarlane Toys Batman Beyond and Justice Lord Superman

Batman Beyond

Justice Lord Superman

Back of the box - Batman Beyond/Justice Lord

Our second feature this week is from Spin Master's Batman Adventures line, featuring a 12" Nightwing with 15accessories. These oft-neglected figures may get less fanfare than McFarlane, NECA and others, but still include decent detailing and are often original designs. The recent ones we've showed on Cereal Creatures include designs inspired by DC's Future State event including Batman, Tim Drake Robin and Nightwing. And viewers will note that the Nightwing in the single pack is slightly different than the one featured here with the extra accessories. I'm hoping we get a Batman Beyond version 12" with wings and accessories from this line, too!

Spin Master 12 inch Nightwing

12 in Nightwing with 15 accessories

Nightwing back of box


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