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It's a Funko Haul! Batman and more!

Our first Saturday Afternoon toy haul of 2024 is neither toys nor on a Saturday! But that's just fine as we have some great new things that we picked up from Funko!

It's also not Halloween, but we've got an exclusive Freddy Funko in a vintage Ben Cooper-style vampire costume! This one comes in the soda can packaging and is guaranteed to give you a spooky Fall vibe--even in the middle of January.

Freddy Funko horror figure
Freddy Funko Soda can

The VHS case-style packaging for the Blockbuster Rewind figures is a unique way of presenting the figures, but none have really stood out--until I saw this Super Friends version! Featuring the Saturday Morning Cartoon versions of Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman on the outside, while on the inside you'll find an animated Batman figure.

Super Friends Blockbuster Rewind
Batman Rewind Super Friends Funko

Our next Funko is a weird one and I only picked it up because it claimed to be scented! It's the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas which has a nice Halloween vibe, but alas, I couldn't smell any real fall fragrance.

The Flash movie was not horrible--and honestly it was better on the second viewing. But this isn't about the movie, it's about this Barry Allen Funko! I didn't pick up any of the movie Funko Pops, but this figure--showing Barry in the chair getting struck by lightning--is so unique that I couldn't pass it up.

Pumpkin King and Barry Allen (Flash) Funkos

And finally, our last two Funko's are from the world of Gotham City. From the titular series, we have TV's Batwoman (which was actually a Ross pickup). And our second Funko of the haul is Batman Beyond!

Batwoman Funko
Batman Beyond Funko


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