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Saturday Afternoon Haul - December 30, 2023 - Star Trek, Frankenstein, Batman and more

The final Saturday Afternoon Haul of 2023 features Super7's Ultimate Data from Star Trek, a Transformer Frankenstein, 12" Batman family, a signed Jamie Lee Curtis graphic novel and a few finds from Ross.

I rarely do pre-orders, but I really wanted to sample these Star Trek: The Next Generation Ultimate figures from Super7. As I recall the options were Data, Riker and Locutus (with more coming later), so I chose everyone's favorite android, Lt. Commander Data. The sculpt is very well done and includes two spare heads. Accessories include Data's cat, Spot, poker chips and cards, his violin, phaser, tricorder and a few extra hands. Not bad for an "ultimate" figure. I believe the cost was $55, so I don't expect that I'll pick up all of these. As of this writing Picard and Worf have been announced. Guinan has been part of the first and second wave, but it remains to be seen if Guinan or any of the second wave get made.

Super7 Ultimate Data

Super7 Ultimate Data in box

Super7 Data box back

Super7 Data box cover sleeve

We don't collect Transformer figures. In fact, we have one other Transformer in our collection--last year's Dracula. I assumed that was a one-time collaboration, but I recently stumbled on a Frankenstein version appropriately called Frankenbot!

Transformer Frankenstein box art

Frankenbot figure

I literally just realized this as I'm posting this--but the box art and design is meant to represent a VHS tape!

Frankenbot figure

To wrap up our haul, we'll do a quick rundown. The first is a copy of Jamie Lee Curtis's graphic novel, Mother Nature. And the best part, it was signed by the author!

Mother Nature comic

Next, I picked up the new 12" Nightwing figure from Spin Master. He looks great alongside the "Dark Detective-style" Batman and the Tim Drake version of Robin.

12 inch Robin, Batman and Nightwing

And the rest are all from the great selection at Ross Dress for Less this holiday season. From Jada Toys' Frankenstein and his bride (these were duplicates for me, but I wasn't going to pass them up) to these cool looking anime figures (which I know nothing about but loved their designs).

Frankenstein and the Bride from Jada Toys

Anime figures

See you in 2024 toy haulers!


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