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Halloween Haunt Weekend 2022 - Pumpkin Showcase!

Each year, we take a handful of basic pumpkins and transform them into spooky jack o'lanterns! Our showcase features a few of our favorite characters from comics and horror and some really strange takes, too. Enjoy the show!

1) One of my favorite comic characters is Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarlane's HAUNT. As Cereal Creatures blog readers may recall, I have around 4 of these great collectible figures, as well. Haunt, the jack o'lantern is part of a strangely shaped gourd that essentially has three side (and three opportunities to decorate). I've never drawn this character before so this is an interesting attempt. I think if I'd had the whole pumpkin to use and it was a rounder shape, it would have worked better.

2) Keeping with our comic theme is another of my favorite independent characters, Lobster Johnson. The golden age-style hero is from Mike Mignola's Hellboy universe. This one is pretty basic, but like Haunt, I think it would've worked better if I had the whole pumpkin to work with. I like it though.

3) And the third side of the jack o'lantern goes to my favorite DC Comics character, Tim Drake aka Robin. This was very much an afterthought, but I like how this one turned out.

4) My favorite creation this year is Frankenstein's Monster! This green gourd was another custom paint job, but I also added some practical parts (like the bolts, stitches and padded eyelids). The eyelids are a clay compound that I added to mirror the real-life additions to the monster's makeup suggested by Boris Karloff himself.

5) And my final pumpkin is the one I actually carved and it's my own character Jak from this year's Osbourn Draw comic special THE FINAL BOYS: HALLOWEEN APOCALYPSE #1. Including real (fake) eyes, a mouth sewn shut with a shoestring and a fiery light, this is another great entry in our annual spooky art show.

And here's the start of creating Haunt that had a very strange look while I was waiting for the paint to dry. I felt like an ass in a way. 😱 And one morning I caught this wry gourd nipping on the white paint.

Our full gallery:


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