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Cereal Creatures Cereal Review - Frute Brute!

A spooky cereal in spooky season? I mean, it's cereal and we have cereal in our name! As soon as I could get my hands on a box of Frute Brute, I was excited to try it. This cherry-flavored super bright red-colored corn cereal and sweet marshmallows seemed to have everything I could want in a Saturday morning breakfast treat. And maybe when I was a kid, this would've been true. Unfortunately, the best thing about this cereal is the maroon Werewolf on the box. And even the Kaws art leaves a lot to be desired in comparison to the old school designs of the past Brute. But back to the cereal. It doesn't taste that good. I've heard it's too sweet, but in my experience it's not sweet enough--or have much taste at all. It doesn't taste like cherry either. I'm not sure what it actually does taste like, but it's not cherry. After reviewing, or at least eating, all of the recent General Mills monster cereals, my impression is that they aren't making them like they used to. Sure, the move to corn makes a difference, but there's still something else missing. Maybe it's the magic. Boo-Berry was a bust, Franken-Berry was okay, and Frute Brute was meh. Could next year see the return of Yummy Mummy? If so, let's hope they focus a little more on taste than on the nostalgia factor. And a little magic wouldn't hurt either.

Two Brutes out of Five

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