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Giant-Size Cereal Creatures Halloween Special #1

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

We got our own comic book!

Our Halloween Haunt '22 event alongside OD Comics has delivered a bunch of spooky artwork, all-new comics, food, toys, collectibles and merch this years! And it's not over--it's still just under two more weeks until Halloween! One of our favorite things here at Cereal Creatures blog has been the release of our very first Cereal Creatures comic book! Coming in at around 70 pages, this huge book is available in a digital comic that you can read online or you can get a printed version, both from

So what's in this great comic? Here's an exclusive preview!

First up, we're introducing our new character Mortimer! He's a monster just tryin' to make in the '90s! Created in partnership with Slasher Design, Mortimer is a younger version of the one-eyed monster featured in our logo! See the animated/comic strip version of young Mortimer as he deals with his cat Coffee. And then in a story for the older crowd, a teenage Mortimer has a Halloween night adventure featuring a werewolf in "Halloween Bite".

A bitter man learns a hellish lesson in our Twilight Zone-like riff "The Halloween Zone: Lil' Devil Do" when a scary, vintage devil boy seeks to teach him the importance of a balanced breakfast.

Finally, we've got a double-header featuring our Halloween dummy-turned serial killer Charlie. Co-created by Slasher Design and based on a Halloween decoration that adorned our own porch growing up (and one time attacked us, but that's another story). In our first story, "Charlie: The unMasked Slasher" see the origin of Charlie as a serial killer is sent to wipe out a cult--but terrorizes a whole town instead! Then, in a brand-new tale, "Charlie II 1/2", a group of teenagers cross path with Charlie--with bloody consequences! (Note the nod to the Real Ghostbusters episode "Halloween II 1/2"!)

Our first comic is a great showcase of our various characters and artwork! Whether spooky, scary or funny it's the Halloween season and what better time to read a comic!


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