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Halloween Haunt - Art Show + Aldi Finds!

This week we continue the journey to Halloween with some original spooky art creations! First up is a couple Dollar Tree wooden art cutouts. But not resigned to just put a little paint and marker on them, I turned them into Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester--better known as Frankenstein's monster and his bride! Sure, the cutouts are designed to avoid any Universal copyright violations, but with a little paint they didn't turn out bad. I love how they look as a silhouette in the window.

Up next is a custom Frankenstein monster's head made out of plaster. Like the wooden version, I turned him into a more recognizable Boris Karloff monster!

Now, this next item isn't something I created, but someone could create it. From Aldi's, comes a Lego Halloween Owl!

And finally, another Aldi's find that not my art, but has great art on it. These Halloween scented candles feature a Frankenstein "monster mash" theme in green and a Haunted House design. The Monster Mash version features the fragrances of Bakery, Sage and Floral and the Haunted House smells of Clove Bud, Bay Leave and Golden Maple. The latter is my favorite, but I couldn't resist the Monster Mash art. Plus, these were only $3 and some change each.


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