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Saturday Afternoon Haul - October 8, 2022

We're into October and the spooky season is upon us! And that means more Halloween and horror-themed hauls! Let's look into the crypt and see what comes out!

How about a movie? How about a bunch of movies? Wal-Mart was the place I found this year's Universal Monsters 6-movie collection decked out in spooky orange. But not to be outdone, the blood-sucking count has his own collection in gruesome green. It's billed as a Bela Lugosi collection, but all of the Dracula movies appear here, not just the two that included Lugosi.

If you're a fan of James Whale, you won't want to miss The Old Dark House, which stars Boris Karloff and was made after Frankenstein, but before The Invisible Man or Bride.

And, hey, look at those official "Little Universal Monsters" stickers--a pickup from the local Dillons!

The next few items are a toy store haul! I love going in local stores and finding these kind of collectibles. Here is an older 3.75" Super7 Frankenstein and the newer Son of Frankenstein version.

And the Jada Toys Dracula!

More spooky monsters to come next week!


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