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Saturday Afternoon Haul - Sunday Edition - October 2, 2022

We're continuing our Halloween Haunt 2022 event here at Cereal Creatures and today we're bringing a massive toy haul including some great new horror merchandise!

Today's theme is Spirit Halloween! My local store was stocked to the max and here's our Universal Monsters-themed haul!

I'm hard-pressed to not grab anything Universal Monsters since there's not a lot of stuff out there (compared to something like DC or Marvel), so I picked up this throw. It includes all the main characters in perfect black and white and I'm sure it'll go well with my Frankenstein and Dracula plushies and my more colorful Monsters throw.

All the Monsters are here on this mug in the stylized artwork Universal has been using for awhile now. The colors are a little bland, but I'll enjoy my Joe in this at the office.

We're taking a break from Spirit to show you this Walgreens Exclusive haul. I stopped in to see if they had the new Frankenstein's monster Funko (note their website says they do not carry it in any of my local stores--liars!) and found not only the ultraviolet/blacklight monster-in-green, but the regular Dracula Funko, as well. I'd grabbed one of Dracula earlier from Amazon, but couldn't pass up my favorite blood sucker in-store, too.

Back to Spirit. You know that nook that you basically have to walk through to get to the checkout? Well, look what I found here. Universal Monsters bag clips! We'll open them later this month as we get closer to Halloween. And I saw them online, but didn't expect to see them in-store, but these mini-card games are worth it for the art alone. Look at that Halloween History vintage artwork! And the True Crime is pretty solid, too.

This is probably the main reason I stopped at Spirit--the Universal Monsters t-shirt. But not content with just a shirt, how about some socks, too?

And finally, the masks. If you've checked out any of the Spirit walkthroughs on YouTube, you've likely seen the Universal Monsters Creature and Frankenstein monster rubber masks. These looked great, but I'm just not sure what I would do with them. Add to that their $80 price point and I had to, reluctantly, pass on them. But never fear, Spirit has these equally cool vintage monster masks. Sure, they're not Universal-licensed, but they'll do just fine. Made out of a slightly sturdier plastic than those old Ben Cooper-style masks, these are great as part of a spooky costume or wall decor. My pickups were the Frankenstein monster...

The Wolf Man...

And Dracula, too.

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