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Tailgate Candy Corn - Halloween Haunt 2022

Okay, so this is not really Halloween candy, but it's "of the season", so by my rules that counts. We're taste testing Brach's Tailgate Candy Corn which claims to have candy pieces with the flavor of Fruit Punch, Vanilla Ice Cream, Hot Dog, Hamburger and Popcorn. Now, I have wanted to try the Thanksgiving meal version of the candy corns (stuffing-flavored candy 🤢?), but I've never found them in any store and I haven't felt the compulsion to buy them online. But, now that I've found the Tailgate versions in stores (Walgreens, to be specific), I had to try them and of your Halloween Haunts 2022, I'm going to tell you what I think!

First up, I'll try to guess the flavor.

Vanilla Ice Cream - Meh. Not really a strong vanilla flavor and not really a strong ice cream taste either.

Hot Dog - Okay, I was surprised, but there is a slight Hot Dog taste. You know? I don't hate these.

Fruit Punch - This one surprised me. I thought this would be the easiest one to nail, and while it did have a fruit punch taste, it was almost an aftertaste. Not nearly as fruity as I expected.

Popcorn - This one tasted like popcorn. Ironically, the one I think the taste lives up to what I expected. Not great, not horrible.

Hamburger - I tried two of these to make sure this was the correct one, but I didn't taste anything, but sugar. I'm now a little unsure of if the one I thought was hot dog was really hamburger. There's no color coding chart for these. But on the second one, I could maybe get a hint of something hamburger-y, so we'll call it as the hamburger.

That was interesting and killed fifteen minutes. Would I recommend these Tailgate candy corns as a candy treat--no way. I don't even like candy corn. But as a novelty--because you have to try it--absolutely. Trick or treat. But, mostly just trick in this case.


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