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Monster Cereals Sugar Cookies - Halloween Haunt '22

We normally stick to comics, toys, art and cartoons here on Cereal Creatures, but sometimes we actually like to try new...cereals. This isn't one of those times really, but we did get to try Pillsbury's Monster Shaped Cookie Dough. This spooky, Halloween-themed sugary treat features the likeness (kinda) and flavors of Franken Berry and Count Chocula! In our carefully packaged box, we found about 20 nobs of dough which were perfectly edible raw! After heating up the baking unit (my oven) and placing most of the dough on a cookie sheet, we had our tasty treats about 15 minutes later.

Yes, it was easy to fix, but was it worth it? Did they taste good? Yes! I'm not a huge sugar cookie fan, but these were not bad. And the best part, they actually did taste like the cereals. Admittedly, the design doesn't exactly resemble the Franken Berry monster or the blood sucking brown count, but if you let your imagination spark, you can make out those specific cereal creatures.

You can find these in most grocery stores. Get them before they're replaced by cookies with turkeys on them...or something like that. Oh, and yes, eating them raw was good, too!


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