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Halloween Haunt 2024: Halloween T-shirts, Vintage Blow Molds and Dollar Tree Dracula

This is our official start to Halloween Haunt 2024 with a strange Michael Myers Halloween t-shirt pickup and our first actual merch--vintage Frankenstein and scarecrow blow molds, and a Dollar Tree Dracula.

Halloween Haunt first merch haul

We've purchased many Halloween (the Michael Myers movies) t-shirts including those by Cereal Creatures collaborator Slasher Designs. However, we've never seen one exactly like this. It's a collage of various characters and scenes from the first Halloween movie. Except: Who is the guy in the corner? Having seen the movie at least 100 times, I don't recall this guy at all. Is it Laurie's dad? Sheriff Brackett couldn't get a nod? This shirt is wild. This was a Ross pickup.

Strange Halloween shirt

Man from Halloween shirt
Who the heck is this? And why is he on my Halloween shirt?

Our second Halloween (again, the killer, not the holiday) t-shirt comes from Walmart. The big box store has historically had decent Michael Myers offerings, if not Fright Rags quality, but this bold-colored, fall-feeling design really hits. Technically, this is from Halloween 2, which seems to be the one getting the Walmart merch this year, including the boring boxed shirt from the Bloody Disgusting pop-up section.

Halloween 2 shirt from Walmart 2024

Moving away from shirts and on to decor, we picked up these vintage Halloween walkway lamp post covers from the mid-90's. Featuring Frankenstein's monster and a Scarecrow, they look very blow mold-inspired and were an addition to our everyday spooky collection. We modified them with our own lights to make them indoor friendly. (Please excuse the non-Halloween appearance by Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, two of the greatest actors of all time)

vintage Halloween blow molds

And finally, we have our first official Halloween merch for 2024, this Dracula light. Intended for outdoor use and constructed out of a ceramic resin, he's pretty heavy and is topped with a solar panel to charge his glowing eyes. From Dollar Tree at $3, this blood sucker was joined by several other designs, including a pretty unique looking scarecrow and two others that weren't that cool looking. Will the Universal Monsters-inspired characters be front and center this year in the Halloween merch department? We hope so!

Dollar Store Dracula


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