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Saturday Afternoon Haul: First Dark Universe merch + Batwing

This Saturday Afternoon Haul sees the arrival of our first Dark Universe merch from the forthcoming Universal Orlando Epic Universe theme park, a Batwing Funko and we finally complete our Universal Monsters Cutie plush collection with the Bride of Frankenstein and the Wolf Man.

  • While there's not a lot of Dark Universe merchandise available yet and most of it is the same design, but we really liked the artwork with the full monster lineup. So we picked up the t-shirt. We have a lot of caps and Frankenstein is our favorite monster making this cap and easy pick-up, too.

Dark Universe merch

  • While we were at the Universal Orlando online store, we had to complete our collection of Cutie plushes. We'd previously got the Frankenstein, Dracula and Creature. That just leaves these two, the Bride and the Wolf Man. Collection complete!

Monster Cutie Plushies

  • And finally, there hasn't been much in the way of Funko POP's to hit shelves lately, but this new Batwing from Walmart stood out. Likely the Luke Fox version, this design rarely appeared in the comics.

Batwing POP!


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