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Walmart getting exclusive Monster-themed figures from NECA

Walmart will be featuring two lines from NECA's horror offerings according to a post on the official NECA Instagram.

The first will feature two new additions to the Ben Cooper masked figures line in the form of a witch and a vampire. Both are sold separately and currently showing unavailable on

The second offering is a black and white edition of the TMNT x Universal Monsters mashup. The two-pack features Leonardo as the Hunchback and Raphael as the Wolfman. The choice of these two characters is a little strange. The Hunchback is likely one of the least popular of the Turtle collabs, while the Wolfman is the newest. It is unknown if the other Turtles will receive the black and white treatment or when the announced pack will hit Walmart shelves.

Ben Cooper mask figures from Walmart
From @necaofficial

TMNT x Universal Monsters Walmart Exclusive Black and White
From @necaofficial


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