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Saturday Afternoon Haul for June 15, 2024 - Universal Monsters and Batman make up a massive haul

This week's massive Saturday afternoon haul includes tons of Universal Monsters and Batman (and one prehistoric Marvel hero).

  1. The Universal Monsters Creature from the Black Lagoon t-shirt from NECA.

Creature t-shirt from NECA

2. A surprising Walmart pickup: The Wolf Man plush from kidrobot.

Kidrobot Plush Wolfman

3. Speaking of plushies and Wolfman, he's here again, this time from The Noble Collection.

Noble CollectionWolfman

4. NECA's Ben Cooper monster figures with Halloween masks have arrived and we picked them all up. The Creature is our favorite!

Ben Cooper NECA Skeleton Mummy

Ben Cooper NECA Creature

Ben Cooper NECA Frankenstein Devil

Ben Cooper NECA back art

5. I like the Coffin Creeps box art better than the monster himself!

Coffin Creeps

Coffin Creep Frankenstein figure

6. Marvel's Ka-Zar from their Marvel Legends line was a certain pickup when I found out it was available from Amazon.

Ka-Zar figure

Ka-Zar back

7. As was this Batman, clad in blue and grey, but with his Rebirth design. I don't care for the digital aspect, but the figure looks great.

Batman figure

8. This vintage style Batman item was a sure pickup simply because it has golden age art and is a unique item in the form of a tin lunchbox.



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