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Lincoln Monsters Frankenstein and Dracula Figures Available for Pre-order

Lincoln Monsters Frankenstein figure

The Lincoln Monsters' Frankenstein monster and Dracula vintage-style figures are available for pre-order. Made to resemble the Lincoln International Studios knock off figures from the 70s, each figure's design and box artwork highlights the nostalgia of the classic Frankenstein and Dracula with their unique styling. They are 8 inches tall and feature cloth outfits. Fans of these vintage monsters may recognize the movie-style titles "Evil of Count Dracula" and "The Power of Frankenstein" for each figure. And yes, Frankenstein is spelled wrong ("Frankensten) in a nod to the original figure's release.

Both figures, on their own, look very good. We love the green-faced Dracula and the face scar on Frankenstein. The figures are expected in Q3 2024.

You can preorder now from Plaid Stallions today.

Frankenstein figure

Dracula figure

Frankenstein art with misspelling


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