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Image Comics' Monster Greatness

Image Comics and Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint have done what the Universal Studios motion picture division has not been able to do successfully: revive the Universal Monsters in all their monster greatness. It started with Dracula, is currently publishing The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and has announced Frankenstein.

Frankenstein cover art

These comic mini-series are telling stories set in the same universe as the classic movies while using the original characters. These licensed comics feature excellent artwork and a plethora of colorful, spooky covers that bring readers back to the storytelling that captured the attention of moviegoers nearly a century ago. And look for covers from one of our favorite artists, Francesco Francavilla (previews included here). Skybound is bringing in top writers, including another of our favorites, James Tynion IV, as well as Dan Watters, Ram V, and Michael Walsh.

Dracula’s story takes place during the classic movie, Creature appears to be set in the mid-'90s or later, and Frankenstein seems, in part, to be a prequel to the classic movie.

Creature cover art

To date, there have been four issues of Dracula and a graphic novel collection (we picked up the Direct Market Exclusive Edition). There are two issues of Creature from the Black Lagoon available as of this post. The Frankenstein mini-series starts in late August.

Could we get a mini or even an Annual featuring a monster crossover someday? Will there be a Metaluna Mutant/“This Island Earth” comic after all these years? We really want these official comics to do well and continue to produce new tales in the world of Universal Monsters, so pick them up today! And maybe, just maybe, the movie makers will take notice that yes, these monsters still have a lot of life left in them!

Dracula Cover


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