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Universal Monsters debut Toony Terrors, Funko POPS!

Two new waves a funky and toony treatments of your favorite Universal Monsters are hitting the collectibles section this fall with per-orders available now.

Coming in October is the next wave of Funko POPS! featuring new paintings of of the Frankenstein monster, Dracula, the Bride, Gill-Man and Wolf Man. The sculpts appear to be similar to older releases, but the paint job is more vibrant with bolder features. The Wolf Man is featured, but we've not found him for pre-order yet, so he may be an exclusive.

If Funkos aren't your thing, NECA has a tenth wave of Toony Terrors to haunt your shelves. Expected in September, the line of monsters features Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man and the Mummy. These 6-inch action figures retail for $15 each, but if you order from the NECA online store you can pick up a free plush Dracula from their Phunny line.

Toony Terrors Wave 10

Universal Monsters wave of Toony Terrors

a Phunny plush Dracula


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