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Walmart Bloody Disgusting Display + Nightwing 66 + Universal Monsters Calendar

| The new Walmart Bloody Disgusting pop-up display with black and white TMNT x Universal Monster figures, new Batman figures including Nightwing 66 and the Universal Monsters 2024 calendar feature in this week's Saturday Afternoon Haul. |

Haul collage

The heat of the summer is at it's peak, but that hasn't hampered our hunt for new and creative merch. The Bloody Disgusting pop-up display, which is joined by a similar display from Netflix and one focused on anime, stands out in this week's hunt. While there were a wide variety of horror brands and options represented in the display, we picked up the NECA TMNT x Universal Monsters 2-pack, the Bloody Disgusting t-shirt, the Ben Cooper witch and vampire kids and, of course, the Universal Monsters happy meal-type box called a Freakie Meal. We'll cover the Ben Cooper kids and the Freakie Meal in a later post. The only thing that was missing that I was considering was the mini-Michael Myers mask. Oh, well.


TMNT figures

TMNT packaging front

  • The TMNT x Universal Monsters NECA 2-pack features Hunchback Leo and Wolf Man Raphael reissues in black and white. The figures look as good as they did in their color incarnations, but the movie theatre packaging sells the concept. I'm still not sure why these two figures (a less popular one and the most recent one) were selected for the greyscale makeover, but I'm not complaining as I hope that means we'll get more of these black and white characters in the future.

Bloody Disgusting Shirt

  • I doubt the Bloody Disgusting t-shirt is the most sought out item (I'm sure that's the Terrifier VHS, which I, honestly didn't even notice if my Walmart had in stock). The BD shirt, however, is a pretty unique design. It has a hint of vintage horror with that of 80's vibes. In comparison to the Halloween 2 and Chucky shirts, the BD offering was the standout.

Nightwing 66 and Alfred

Nightwing 66 with chest hair

  • Two new McFarlane Toys Batman figures arrived from the Batman 66 and TV show lines. The first, and one of my favorite to date, is Nightwing, who only appeared in the comics. Clad in his disco-era jump suit, the highlights of the figure include a handsome face sculpt and a scruff of chest hair. And then there's Alfred, or is it Commissioner Gordon? The similarities between Alfred here and the previously released New Adventures Commissioner Gordon are striking, but this is Alfred from the TV show in all his Alan Napier likeness glory. Plus, he has a duster and Bat phone to prove it.

Universal Monsters 2025 calendar front

Universal Monsters 2025 calendar back

  • Our last item for the haul is this year's Univeral Monsters 2025 calendar. Previously not an easy item to pick up, the last couple years I've found it on Amazon and grabbed it early. This year we have the monsters in traditional poses and artwork, just decked out in neon colors. It's not as creative as previous entries, but for Universal Monsters this will do.


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