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Halloween Haunt 2024 is on its way!

Halloween Haunt 2024 Preview Art

It's apropos to announce Cereal Creatures Halloween Haunt 2024 on the Fourth of July. While the fireworks are exploding and the hot dogs are roasting, we’re working hard on creating the next wave of spooky comics, artwork, merch halls and more. And with the arrival of Halloween decor in stores coming earlier and earlier every year, we thought today would be a great day to share a little of what we’ve got planned.

We’ve got a “Best of…” Halloween Special, a Mad Boy Monsters special and an all-new Halloween Haunt annual. Each book features original comics and artwork. These comics, as well as those we’re still planning will be available in print, digital and even free editions.

In addition to our regular comics, we have new Saturday Morning Cartoon Show comics, new Manga, plus more Halloween and horror merch hauls than ever before!

Look for the first comics to hit in August!


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