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Saturday Afternoon Haul - Sunday April 23, 2023 Edition - Mego!

Today's quick toy haul is to show off two of the newest "World's Greatest Super-Heroes" Mego line at Walmart. This time around is fresh-from-the-sea "Aquaman" and the emerald avenger himself, "Green Lantern"!*

*Best Saturday morning cartoon announcer voice

Also, I finally grabbed the Mego Robin online. I like this design, simply because you get a mishmash of Robin's history! The figure itself is the silver/bronze age style so it's either Dick Grayson or Jason Todd. The logo on the front is clearly Damian Wayne's "R". And turn it over and you get Tim Drake in his One Year Later (and one of my favorite) suit designs! I would love it if Marty Abrams would make a Robin Mego in the all-red suit, even if it's the same body sculpt as this 8" figure.


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