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Saturday Afternoon Haul - March 25, 2023: A Munster and a Robin!

This week's haul is a quick one. First up, we have the NECA Ultimate Herman Munster from the Rob Zombie movie. You can check out our review of the movie and while opinions of the movie may vary the figure is pretty straight forward--it's a great Herman Munster. It's not Fred Gwynne (something I'd love to get some day), but the new version is no slouch either. According to the box, Lily and Grandpa (the Count) are up next.

And the second entry in today's haul is a vintage Batman figure--yes, another Tim Drake Robin. Straight from 2003, this Battle Board themed Boy Wonder is an excellent design and one that I hadn't really known existed. I have a green variant of this exact figure (down to the Battle Board), but I had never seen this version with Tim's traditional red and green suit.


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