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Saturday Afternoon Haul - March 18, 2023

It's a McFarlane DC Nation extravaganza this week as we add a slew of new figures to the collection.

Aqualad is one of my favorite characters and this figure is a great sculpt. From the Page Punchers line, this figure also includes an Aquaman comic book.

Another Page Puncher is this excellent Black Manta figure. A cool black-suited design makes this figure stand out.

This Beast Boy figure was a surprise! I knew that the changeling was going to be part of the Titan's Build-A-Figure line and this figure was going to separate, but I had no idea it would be out so soon!

Next up is Eradicator! Now, I passed on this figure twice as I just didn't see it as one that I really felt I need in the collection. However, the local Walmart had it discounted this week and I just couldn't pass up a Gold Label figure. The design and sculpt is good--I love the girth of his muscles and kind of wish there was a McFarlane custom designed Superman using this body.


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