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Saturday Afternoon Haul - March 4, 2023

It's an all-DC Comics McFarlane Toys weekend! Yes, I finally picked up SWAMP THING! One of my favorite characters has arrived in a huge 11" megafig and it looks great. A few years back, I could've gotten one of the huge Swamp Thing figures at a Hastings (as they were all closing 😠) for around $50 and I passed on it. Huge regret! They now go for $300 or more.

The next figure is Duke Thomas as The Signal! He's not quite a Robin, rather he's Batman's first line of defense in the daylight!

And finally, here's a new Batman Beyond figure that is part of the Futures End Batman build-a-figure. I got the standalone version of Batman Beyond, too, but I love the character and this is a great sculpt!


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