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Saturday Afternoon Haul - February 11, 2023 - It's a Robin Grail!

To start our first Saturday Afternoon Haul of 2023, we're going to showcase a real holy grail--at least for us! Yes, it's Tim Drake, Robin in his all red "One Year Later" suit. This figure, part of the DC Universe line from Matel has been on my list for a long time. Now, I was able to get it and not pay a great deal for it.

And a surprising entry to our collection is another Tim Drake entry--that of Robin and his Red Bird (or at least this '69 Chevy Camaro version of it). From Jada Toys, this die cast entry looks very good even for such a small figure. My only gripe is that DC licensing continues to screw up the Robins. This is the second item that uses Damian Wayne and the wrong "R" logo on packaging (the other being the Diamond statuette from a few years back). At least the figure and car's logo designs are spot on!

And finally, we add yet another grail item--the Hot Toys "Batman Forever" Robin. In this case, Dick Grayson as portrayed by Chris O'Donnell. The 1/6th scale Boy Wonder has a faux leather cape, a great head sculp, plastic nipples and a distinct codpiece. The figure doesn't have any accessories (like a batarang), so it's a little hard to pose him. He stands firmly on a base with the "Batman Forever" logo emblazoned on it. The photos below don't do it justice and is a don't miss for any Robin fans.


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