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Saturday Afternoon Haul - September 24, 2022

A perfect trifecta of toy hunting, this week featuring Batman, Star Trek and Universal Monsters rep.

Starting off with Star Trek, we have our first of the new Playmates Star Trek figures in the form of Lt. Commander Data. The sculpt is adequate and the packaging is reminiscent of the 90's version of the same figures, albeit smaller. I pulled out my classic Janeway (yes, with the wrong card!) to compare the size and you'll note the new packaging is quite a bit smaller. The figure itself, however, seems to be slightly bigger than the originals. The accessories are similar to the 90's, although the phaser clips on to the figure, which I don't care for. Also, the new Data doesn't have an opening panel on his arm this time around.

I also stumbled upon a Mego Lt. Worf. Although, it should be Lt. Commander Worf as this is his DS9 fourth season look as the stations Strategic Operations Officer, notably in command red. The sculpt is more Worf from TNG Season 4, but it still looks good.

Now, from the Batman universe comes a standalone of the Pride version of Robin. I'd much rather have a modern version of Tim Drake, but this rainbow-sparkled entry does an adequate job of putting the best Boy Wonder in the limelight.

And from the McFarlane DC Multiverse comes another of my favorite characters, the Talon. The villainous, zombified hunter from the Court of Owls comes in a great sculpt and fits right in with the same quality as we've come to expect from McFarlane.

And wrapping things up, comes new releases of Funko's Universal Monsters Wolf Man and Dracula, both of which were Walgreens exclusives.


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