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Saturday Afternoon Haul - Halloween Haunt Edition Oct. 14, 2023

It's a spooky Halloween Haunt edition of our usual Saturday Afternoon Haul. Over the past few weeks, we've seen some great horror merch released and we had to pick up a few of them. We're starting with the latest from Super7's Super Soapie line--our favorite Universal Monsters in the colors of Halloween! We just picked up our fav monster, Frankenstein, but the Bride, Creature, Wolf Man, Mummy, Invisible Man and Metaluna Mutant are also available. No Dracula yet though. I love the creativity with these Soapies and hope to pick up a few more.

Frankenstein Soapie

There are these book-like things called magazines. They were like the internet in book form. There aren't too many printed ones around anymore, but I happened to find this gem at the local Walmart. It's Night of the Living Dead 55th Anniversary Celebration! I showed a few shots of pages and I haven't made it all the way through, but from what I've read this is one magazine that is worth a pick up! It's not the same drawl of the titular horror movies history--but a look at horror prior to NOTLD, the response to the movie and what it inspired. There are also photos that I've never seen before, which is saying a lot about a movie that has been dissected many, many times. At $14 it's not cheap, but if you're a fan of the NOTLD movie it's worth grabbing. Besides, I learned that Fred Rogers has a connection to NOTLD! Who knew?

Night of the Living Dead cover

Night magazine

NOTLD magazine inside

NOTLD magazine inside

Back to toys and figures now! And this is another one that I've wanted for a long time--Batula! It's the 7" ULTIMATES! version of Super7's The Worst character called Batula.

Batula artwork

Batula figure

Batula figure

From ULTIMATES! Batula to Halloween Kids Batula, part of Super7's new line of kids dressed in vintage-style Halloween costumes. These look incredible, from the figure to the packaging and I can't wait for more to come out!

Halloween Kids Batula figure

Halloween Kids Batula figure back

We've not got Batula! Can you see a theme here? This is an older figure, but I've wanted a 3.75" version of The Worst bat-faced beauty and I love packaging on this Monster Glow version that glows in the dark!

Batula figure that glows in the dark

Halloween Kids Batula figure back

Speaking of glowing in the dark, we have the epitome of figures that glow in the dark! It's Radium Man, part of Super7's Pre-Code Horror ReAction figures. I was only able to pick up the Commander Ben Woodruff from the original line, so I went for Radium Man as soon as I saw the entire Pre-Code line was getting a Toxic Glow reboot!

Radium Man

Radium Man back

And yes, there was one more character released as part of Super7's Boodega event this year that was an immediate add to the cart--Svengoolie! My favorite MeTV horror host is presented here in perfect style along with a telltale rubber chicken. This is one of the most iconic action figures on our list today and you even get a Svengoolie figure to go with it!

Svengoolie Super7 figure

Svengoolie Super7 figure back


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