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Halloween Haunt 2023 Begins!

Cereal Creatures Halloween Haunt 2023 logo

You notice it in short increments in late August. A hint of crisp, fall air first thing in the morning. A jack o'lantern in the local department store. Pumpkin Spice hitting your favorite coffee shop. Yes, it's the onset of the so-called spooky season.

At Cereal Creatures, we devote our monster energies into the celebration of all things ghouly in a little digital event we call HALLOWEEN HAUNT 2023!

We're going to resurrect some of the goodies from last year's first-ever Haunt to bring you more comics, artwork and merch than ever before! Here are just a few things we're planning over the next two months!

  • We'll show you the spoils from our five-city decor hunt, tell you the best treats we've found and figure out who won the Cereal Creatures Halloween Store Wars!

  • You won't want to miss the launch of new comics from the All Boy Monsters world and our first ever merch releases!

  • We've created three horror story themes we're calling "Haunts". You'll see them in their own comic and throughout the various HH23 features this year.

  • And finally, we're debuting the new website with a cool, vintage comic book store design!

And now, a word from Mr. Owl:


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