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Saturday Afternoon Haul - Tower of Fear, DC, Monster Plushies, Spawn and balls

Our not-exactly-Saturday Afternoon Haul features a Tower of Fear, DC McFarlane figures, Universal Monster plushies, a Spawn mega figure and Batman and Robin balls.

Okay, it's not Saturday. I don't think it's Saturday anywhere on Earth when I publish this post. But the fact is, the launch of Saturday Morning Cartoon Show, our website refresh and our Real Ghostbusters posts have overloaded our publishing schedule. At the same time, we have great merch to share!

We picked up this Tower of Terror playset from Mezco with the intent of setting it up. However, when we discovered it required assembly (somewhat complex) and that it was cardboard, we decided to leave it in the package. A package which looks incredibly good. The figures are well-designed and the artwork pops amongst our collection!

Tower of Fear box art

Tower of Fear box art WOLFMAN and Frankenstein's Monster

Mummy and Creature from Tower of Fear

Our next monster pick up were these plushies direct from the Universal Studios Store in Orlando. We chose Frankenstein, Dracula and the Creature, but they also offered the Bride and Wolfman. These look very good! And let me add the great experience I have shopping with the Universal Studios Store. Their customer service is great and their shipping is very fast! As someone can't just pop over to the store, it's great to be able to pick up these exclusives online!

Universal Monsters plushies

From the McFarlane Toys pantheon of figures, we have the Walmart exclusive Owlman and the 90's style Nightwing. I will note my Walmart never got the Owman figure and I had to get it from McFarlane's online store.

Owlman and Nightwing figures

Oilman and Nightwing box art

These balls have a story. That line probably never ends well or even PG, but in this case it does! There is a gum ball machine at our local Dollar Tree. It includes a few of these DC bouncy balls. It's been there for several years. Each time I go in, which isn't very often, but nonetheless I see my favorite Boy Wonder, Tim Drake, emblazoned on a round hunk of rubber that is trapped within glass. It's not like I could just start dumping quarters in the slot to get him out. So, I opted for an alternative: eBay. And the one I found even had the Dark Knight included.

Tim Drake Robin ball

Robin and Batman balls

This figure, Spawn's Overtkill was a Ross pickup. I don't collect all of these Spawn figures, but for $7, I couldn't pass this one up.

Overtkill Spawn figure

Overkill figure artwork


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