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The Real Ghostbusters meet The X-Files

The Real Ghostbusters meet Mulder and Scully, the FBI agents from The X-Files. This seems like a pretty natural crossover. People who investigate things that go bump in the night meet people who investigate things that go bump in the night. One group are entrepreneurs and the others are on the government's payroll.

The idea came to me as I was groggily waking up one morning. Hours later, I set myself the task of drawing the artwork you see here. I added the VHS slipcase design because it seemed appropriate for the time. I had X-Files VHS tapes and obviously there were Real Ghostbusters releases. One of the first VHS tapes we had was the movie Ghostbusters in the red and black sleeve.

Now, when I dreamed up this supernatural collab, it came with a story, as well. Yes, I dreamed a new episode of the Real Ghostbusters or The X-Files. In the story, Mulder had somehow found a doorway to the spirt world in the sewers of New York City. No, he didn't run into any Ninja Turtles, but he did disappear. Scully, not sure where to turn, reluctantly called on the Ghostbusters to help find her partner. Scully has to take on ghost zombies and Egon discovers that Mulder was somehow sucked, not into another ghost realm, but the Ghostbusters own containment unit!

Ghostbusters meet Mulder and Scully artwork


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