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Saturday Morning Cartoon Show Returns as Free, Serialized Comics

Saturday Morning Cartoon Show logo

Saturday, March 9, will mark the return of one of our most unique brands: the Saturday Morning Cartoon Show (SMCS). You can catch it right here on Cereal Creatures. SMCS initially started as a one-shot comic, then reappeared during Halloween Haunt 2023 in a different form. Now, it’s making a comeback as a featured segment on the Cereal Creatures blog. The most interesting thing--it's neither a cartoon nor a show.

In the spirit of those nostalgic Saturday morning cartoons now long gone, the blog will showcase a wide variety of comics in a serialized, strip format every Saturday. Saturday Morning Cartoon Show will also serve as a testing ground for new ideas before committing to a larger format book, allowing readers to provide valuable feedback.

Additionally, readers can explore expanded adventures within the shared universe of monsters and superheroes created by Osbourn Draw Comics under the Cereal Creatures and Galaxy Network imprints. Starting now and continuing throughout the summer, the following comics are planned:

The New Adventures of Harrowing: All ages tales of Justice City’s owl protector, Harrowing and his Hoot Squad as they take on gangsters, criminals and the enigmatic Serials in a mad, mad world.

Mortimer: The Cereal Creatures mascot leads this strip about the boy monster in a human world. Expect both the young, animated version as well as the teen version.

The Lamented: Part manga, part traditional comic with a hint of seinen/yaoi in a serial that sees a young fighter tasked with transporting an American soldier home after America’s launched an attack on a fictional kingdom in the middle of the 20th century.

Dead Monster Galaxy: A starship crew teams up with a group of space vampires to save the Earth from pending doom while exploring a distant, dying galaxy.

Saturday Morning Cartoon Show Preview


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