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Saturday Afternoon Haul - Marvel Legends, Batman Adventures, Anime and More!

A buffet of riches on this Saturday Afternoon Haul with entries from Marvel Legends, the New Batman Adventures from McFarlane Toys, Demon Slayer, Trigun, Hot Wheels and Frankenstein!

I don't really pick up many Marvel figures and their nearly $30 price tag doesn't encourage me to change that decision. I did find this Spider-Man at Walmart and couldn't pass up the web slinger.

Spiderman figure

We got our pre-order for Robin from McFarlane Toys' figures from The New Adventures of Batman. I had a Commissioner Gordon on order, but the vendor cancelled it.

Robin figure from New Adventures of Batman

Robin figure from New Adventures of Batman back side of card

This is a little 3 inch Frankenstein monster from Loot Crate. It was an eBay pick up.

Loot Crate Frankenstein

This boar-headed guy from Demon Slayer has caught my eye for some time. I don't follow manga or anime, but I do know design. And this shirtless guy has certain monster elements to it.

Demon Slayer shirtless boar guy

And speaking of anime, here's a Funko Pop figure from Trigun called Vash the Stampede. This is the shirtless version.

Trigun funk pop

Close up of Vash Funko Pop

And we wrap up today's haul with Hot Wheels! I'm not a car collector by any means, but I love these gold editions of the Batmobiles from Batman: The Animated Series and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Alongside are a few thrift store finds--McDonalds' Hot Wheels with Batman, Green Lantern and Robin the Boy Wonder.

Batman and DC Hot Wheels


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