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Saturday Afternoon Haul: Batman Beyond Five Pack is Huge!

This week's Saturday Afternoon Haul features a massively huge Batman Beyond Five pack of McFarlane Toys figures! I've seen several of these with Suicide Squad and the movie Batmen, but I wasn't sure how I would present them as they seemed to take up a lot of space. Turns out, I was right, but when I saw this Batman Beyond version available at a significant discount, I knew I couldn't pass it up. The pack collects all of the recent Batman Beyond line figures Batman Beyond, Batwoman Beyond, Shriek, Blight and the "Build-a-Figure" Batman from "Future's End." In addition to the figures and fancy box, you get five foil cards with the set. Schway!!!

Batman Beyond from "Future's End"

Batman Beyond five pack opened

Batman Beyond figures

Batman Beyond pack art

Batman Beyond Box art



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