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Saturday Afternoon Haul - Universal Monsters 4K, Glow-in-the-Dark Dracula and a Cute Michael Myers (2/17/2024)

Today's Saturday Afternoon Haul is all about the horror with merch from Universal Monsters and Halloween's shapely Michael Myers.

Glow in the dark Dracula

NECA Glow-in-the-Dark Dracula

The first is an online exclusive NECA glow-in-the-dark Count Dracula! Joining some of his fellow monsters in this vintage Remco-style packaging, the Count is similar to the regular NECA figure with a Bela Lugosi likeness, the neck biter gets a glow-in-the-dark upgrade for this release.

NECA Glow in the dark Dracula
NECA Dracula Back Card

Universal Monsters 4K Limited Edition Collection

Universal Monsters 4K Collection

It's one more time to the well with the release of the Universal Monsters 4K Limited Edition Collection. But this one really is special with unique artwork by artist Tristan Eaton. Eight movies and special features are presented on as many discs and packaged in a humongous eye-catching hardcover book with info about each of the movies and their legacy. I picked this one up for the collectability--it's limited to 5500 units. When it was first announced, I was skeptical about the colorful artwork intermixed with our black and white monsters. I am blown away by how good this looks--from the patchwork of the monsters themselves to the logo mashups. Even if you don't plan on picking up the collection, the artwork alone is worth checking out!

Michael Myers plush

From Phunny, this stuffed Michael Myers plush comes from a new release at Walmart. The Halloween killer is cute-ified here with a decent design and comes complete with jack o' lantern and knife. The likeness is from Halloween II, but I don't recall Michael's hair being so unwieldy. Maybe he forgot to comb his mask.

Michael Myers plush


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