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Real Ghostbusters: Our ghost picks and favorite tech!

Our last post talked about the many great and scary episodes from the Real Ghostbusters. Now, we continue our team up with Slasher Design and pick our favorite ghosts and the bustin' tech we couldn't live without.

Our Favorite Ghosts

Picking a ghost from the hundreds that the boys in grey encountered can be daunting. We opted to eliminate Slimer and Stay-Puft as options since they are obvious choices. At Osbourn Draw, we chose Samhain, the Spirit of Halloween. The pumpkin-headed design, raspy voice and sheer druid-derived power make him unique and a powerful foe that the Ghostbusters took on in two episodes, but he appeared multiple times throughout the series.

Slasher Design picked the ghost imprisoned in Agatha Faversham's attic from the logically titled "The Thing in Mrs. Faversham's Attic." The teapot and coatrack manifestations of the entity were both unique and scary.

Samhain, the spirit of Halloween

The Thing from Mrs. Faversham's attic

Our Go-To Equipment for Ghostbusting

When choosing what ghostbusting equipment we find essential, we'd obviously pick the proton pack or ghost trap, but we chose the thing that gets us around--the Ecto-1. This 1959 Miller-Meteor Cadillac once hauled the dead in coffins, now brings them home in ghost traps. Originating from the first movie, it's been a key part of every Ghostbusters movie and show since its debut.

Slasher picked slime blowers. We're not sure why, but we know they'll be ready if they need to spray Vigo the Carpathian or one of his kind with positively-charged ectoplasmic goo.

Ecto-1 and Winston wields a slime blower

Bonus Question! What was our favorite Ghostbusters toy in the 80s?

Here at Osbourn Draw, we picked the proton pack. Not only did it literally give us the Ghostbusters key weapon, we remember being beyond excited one Christmas morning when we found proton packs under the tree!

Justin from Slasher Design says he goes for the Fright Features original figures (recently re-released). His favorite: Fearsome Flush!


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