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Comics Corner - March 13, 2024: Bat-Man First Knight and The Fog Reviewed

The Bat-Man: First Knight No. 1 and The Fog No. 1 reviewed.

Our comics section returns with a look at the comics we’re currently reading! And now, we’re going to expand to all comics, not just DC. But first up, we have an excellent DC comic and my favorite of 2024.

The Bat-Man: First Knight Cover 1:25
©DC Comics

The Bat-Man: First Knight is a Black Label book that tells a story of the early days of the Dark Knight. The actual, really early days as in 1939. The first issue features Batman investigating strange murders committed by killers with incredible strength and a grotesque appearance. This young Batman must work with the tools of the day—science, fighting skills and allies including Commissioner Jim Gordon. The lavish artwork of Mike Perkins and colorist Mike Spicer perfectly complement the story by noted writer Dan Jurgens. The trio present readers with an entertainment experience that is only lacking a score that, in my mind, would be a combination of the music of the earliest Batman serials, the themes of The Bride of Frankenstein with hints of a Shirley Walker masterpiece to accompany it. Batman unravels the mystery that the killers seem to be men who were recently executed via the electric chair.

I admit, this version of Batman is one of my favorite. Ironically, the next favorite is Batman Beyond. The only addition I’d make is having a young Robin by the Caped Crusader’s side. I’d love an ongoing ‘Ultimate’ Batman, Superman, or other series set in this period or perhaps a decade or two later. If James Gunn and the DC overseers are looking for material to mine, this would make a movie or TV series like nothing that’s come before it (or at least since those first black and white serials).

Lastly, I’d like to highlight the covers of this first issue. I’m not one who collects every alternate cover, but in this case I had no choice. These were some of the best artwork I’ve seen on a comic book in years. Each one captures the essence of 1939’s Batman, but in a distinct way. I wish DC would offer these as posters!

The Bat-man: First Knight #1, a Prestige Plus format book, is out now with the remaining two issues to follow in April and May.

The Fog #1 Cover
©Studiocanal S.A.S.

Our second book for this column is called The Fog, serving as a sequel to John Carpenter’s 1980 supernatural horror movie. In the film, the titular ominous fog brings vengeful ghosts to the coastal town of Antonio Bay. The story leaps forward 40 years to the present day, where the children of characters from the original movie, along with a few new faces, converge in Antonio Bay. Odd occurrences begin to manifest as a group of podcasters explores the town—a place that has become popular among ghost hunters.

Among the podcasters, one appears to be the daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Atkins’ characters. Meanwhile, Adrienne Barbeau’s Stevie Wayne continues to dominate the radio waves, and her son, Andy, is now married with a family. The artwork in this horror comic is surprisingly vibrant, exceeding my expectations. Despite this, it effectively conveys the story. The comic is currently available from Sumerian and marks the beginning of a four-issue mini-series.


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