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Saturday Afternoon Haul - June 18, 2022

A big Saturday Afternoon Haul with my long-time favorite DC character and two new favorites. Let's open with the biggie. There's not much of it, but anytime I can snag some Tim Drake merch, I don't hesitate! And now, McFarlane has released the New 52 Red Robin. A design that has grown on me over the years, this version of the radically reworked costume looks perfect in the package.

I would love to have the Rebirth/current Tim Drake design in the more-classic suit!

Now, moving on to another DC favorite, it's the aged up Jon Kent Superman! A relatively new character who has taken the reigns from his noteworthy father, Jon has made a statement across the whole DCU. And this figure--well, it could look better. The body and form are fine, but the face leaves a little to be desired. Jon should have a young and innocent look and this is more old and a little grizzled.

And finally, say hello to Haunt, a McFarlane comic book character from the Spawn universe. I've only collected 2 Spawn figures (the other was Soul Crusher), but both of these were for their unique looks. I recall purchasing the Haunt comic years ago, but it wasn't until his appearance in the recent issues of Spawn that I even remembered he existed. And then I found this excellent figure was coming out!


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