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JUST IN! Robin and Mr. Freeze McFarlane Figures!

I just received two figures from McFarlane Toys DC Direct line that I've really been looking forward to--the "Fighting the Frozen" versions of Robin and Mr. Freeze. The icy villain is decked out in a massive cold suit that resembles an early 20th century diving getup. And this thing is heavy! While Freeze is covered head to toe in metal, Robin is just the opposite. While I'm not complaining, I'm sure this prehistoric Boy Wonder must get cold in the frozen wilderness that would be Gotham. Robin 's look is almost Native American with ceremonial dress and a mohawk hairdo. He comes with a spear and knife, while Mr. Freeze is adorned with a giant freeze gun and pack. Both figures include a comic book. I'll order a second Robin to pop the package open, but in the meantime, these figures are not getting the cold shoulder--they're getting prime real estate on the DC shelf!

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