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Saturday Afternoon Haul - It's gettin' spooky in here!

We've got a big one today featuring lots of Universal monsters (and otherwise) and even a few bonus items! Let's go...

1) Another Universal Monsters x TMNT crossover figure. This time it's Donnie as the Invisible Man. These NECA figures are excellent. The only one of the four turtles I still haven't picked up is Leo.

2) I love this kind of stuff. From Super7, we have 3.5" figures modeled after pre-code horror comics. There are four available and I chose Commander Ben Woodruff from "Ghostly Weird Stories". My runner up was Radium Man, but that can come later!

3) This one has some controversy. I knew it existed--but I couldn't remember where I saw it and my brother (occasional Cereal Creatures contributor Slasher Design) said Metaluna Mutant hadn't come out. Then, as we entered the NECA section in Target, I spotted Herman Munster in a 3.5" glow in the dark size! But what was behind Herman--yes, the Metaluna Mutant! I was right! On the verge of a smackdown in Target, he took Herman and I took the Mutant. But the origin of these characters is weird--no mention of them on Super7's website and little info online.

4) Yes, it's another Nightwing figure from McFarlane Toys. It's a good sculpt and I can't pass up a Robin--or former Robin in this case. This one is part of the BAF series for hulked up Beast Boy. This was a Gamestop pickup and the only other Titan they had was Donna Troy.

5) Back to Monsters. Yes, it's Bela Lugosi as Dracula! From Retro-a-go-go!, this 4.5" Dracula is in color and unlike the Frankenstein figure, this one captures the actor's likeness in this cool stylized mini! This isn't a Universal Monsters licensed toy, rather it's from Lugosi. He definitely doesn't suck and I'm looking forward to finding more of the Ghoulsville Ghoul Gang! The Count and Pre-Code monster were both pickups from 1313 Mockingbird Lane, a cool, spooky toy store in Lawrence, KS.

6) Yep, they've arrived! Following up on our Super7's Soapies from a few days ago, we now have the full monster squad with the Bride of Frankenstein and the Mummy. I will encourage anyone on the fence about the look of the Bride to not put too much stock in the photos. I tried to capture a different angle here, but she looks great in person. This entire wave is a sure pickup for horror fans!


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