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Saturday Afternoon Haul - April 29, 2023: Ghosts! (And Funko's)

That's right, our latest Saturday Afternoon Haul features ghosts...sort of. The first one is DC's Ghost-Maker from McFarlane Toys. This is one of the few new characters that has come out of the Batman comics of the past few years that was of any interest. The figure itself is very well done and detailed, but I never found it in store...until today! This Walgreens find wasn't the only spook to hit our collection this week--we also picked up the new Kenner Ghost Rider figure. Ok, in all honesty, I'm not hardcore Ghost Rider fan. I'm reading the latest run of the comics, but I bought this one for the retro packaging! For me Ghost Rider is an online purchase, but I've seen that they've been in Target if you have one in your area.

The other two haul-worthy collectibles this week are my first "The Flash" movie figure, a Funko, Walmart-exclusive Batman. Since the movie isn't out yet, I think this figure is a beat-up version of the Michael Keaton Batman. It is very detailed like the Affleck version, but the logo is clearly Keaton's.

The other Funko this week is a Walgreens exclusive--Marvel's Hercules. I'm not a major fan of the character, but this Funko was a unique figure, and I liked the design.


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