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Happy Halloween featuring Boris Karloff and Frankenstein!

Our final Halloween Haunt 2023 post wraps up a massive spooky season with our favorite monster and the man who brought him to life--the Frankenstein Monster and, of course, Boris Karloff.

The two-month Halloween Haunt event brought Cereal Creatures readers Halloween decor, merch and movie reviews, Halloween hunts from across Kansas and more! We released four all-new comics from Osbourn Draw including Young Ward Dark, Dracula Corps, Saturday Morning Cartoon Show Halloween Special and our tentpole book, Halloween Haunt 2023. These titles including the relaunched All Boy Monsters and Green Owl and the first appearance of Gourd Rotter, our jacked up pumpkin man. This Halloween Haunt also marks the first releases of Cereal Creatures merch at our new Redbubble store--including Teen Satan, Kid Drac designs and our new Smelly vintage air freshener artwork.

Slasher Design brought us looks at original artwork for Fright Rags' Halloween 45 event and the Last Drive-In Helloween special. Readers can still pick up the exclusive Last Drive-In Helloween art print from Slasher Design's store. But it wasn't just art, we also took a trip to Slasher Design's collection of Spooky Town collectibles that included a Universal Monsters-styled Funhouse from 2006!

That's a lot of work and a lot of hours--so how do we wrap this all up? We bring in Boris Karloff, of course!

We've saved a handful of our Boris or Frankenstein-themed merch and artwork for this final Halloween Haunt post.

Frankenstein statue from Trick or Treat Studios

Trick or Treat Studios Frankenstein

Frankenstein statue

Uh, oh--I don't think the monsters is alone...

Frankenstein and Swamp Thing figures

Yes, it's a special appearance by the new glow-in-the-dark mega Swamp Thing figure from McFarlane Toys!

Swamp Thing from McFarlane Toys

Let's take a break from monsters to have some coffee...with Boris Karloff! Yes, this blend is officially licensed with Sara Karloff and features an African dark roast from Breakfast at Dominique's. The Boris Karloff: Master of Horror Blend tasted a little bland to me, but it's a great centerpiece for a coffee bar. Have a cup on a chilly fall morning and try it for yourself at!

Boris Karloff Coffee

What's Boris Karloff coffee without a Frankenstein mug to put it in? Grab our exclusive All Boy Monsters Soldier Spook vintage coffee mug! If you're not a coffee drinker, we offer this one-of-a-kind design on multiple type of merch from t-shirts to posters, but only from our Redbubble store!

Soldier Spook coffee mug

While having that coffee, pick up a copy of the new Gold Key comic Boris Karloff: Gold Key Mysteries. This reinvention of the vintage horror anthology features three spine-tingling stories. The first one, featuring a randomly appearing haunted house is a classic!

Boris Karloff comic

I was done with the Halloween decor shopping when this guy appeared on Spirit Halloween's website. I was almost ready to pass on this one, but then I realized that it was designed after Spirit's vintage Monster (Frankenstein) mask. So, knowing my avarice for vintage and Frankenstein, I relented and now he hangs on my wall. He includes a battery pack to power his glowing eyes. Watch out as this Vintage Hanging Frankenstein Monster is a real spook!

Spirit Halloween Vintage Hanging Monster

Spirit Halloween Vintage Hanging Monster eyes glow

Spirit Halloween Vintage Hanging Monster in the dark

Spirit Halloween Vintage Hanging Monster eyes glow in the dark

Most don't remember the 90's animated series Monster Force, loosely based on the Universal Monsters (but licensed by Universal). It only ran for a handful of episodes, but featured Dracula, Wolf Man, the Creature, Invisible Man and the Frankenstein monster along with various human characters. There was also a toy line including the Frankenstein monster featured here.

Monster Force Frankenstein figure from Playmates

Monster Force Frankenstein back card

Speaking of figures, we picked up another Mego shirtless Frankenstein monster figure! No, this never happened in any of the movies, but I wouldn't mind seeing a ripped Boris Karloff. Okay, maybe not.

Shirtless Mego Frankenstein

And since we're talking about figures, we released original artwork featuring our own Frankenstein-inspired teen monster boy, Soldier Spook. Inspired by 1980's Wizard air fresheners, we created two Smelly decorative air freshener designs that are available now as t-shirts and other merch from our store on Redbubble.

Soldier Spook Air Freshener Artwork

We don't usually go for the kiddie-style Frankensteins, but they had a young monster and a young vampire on these Walmart bags that reminded us of our own All Boy Monsters characters of Soldier Spook and Kid Drac.

Animated Frankenstein

Frankenstein - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Cereal Creatures!

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