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Halloween Haunt Reading List

Halloween-themed books have been a major part of our catalog over the years. From our Owlverse and All Boy Monsters characters to our classic characters like Pumpkin Spice and End Trails, we have wide variety of comic book stories. For your convenience, we've put a must-read list here for your creepy, spooky reading pleasure!

Click the cover for links to comics. Most are digital with several having print options.

Dead Offenders Halloween Horror

Dead Offenders Halloween Horror

Get ready for the ultimate Halloween ride! They are called the Dead Offenders, a group of super soldiers created from a mix of Nazi an extraterrestrial science during the Second World War. Now, they’ve been brought out of cryogenic freeze for one mission—take down Dracula, who has combined the same alien tech with his supernatural mysticism with plans to conquer the world!

Blood, gore and sexy young monster boys are all ahead in this pulp era take on superheroes and monsters. ALL BOY MONSTERS HALLOWEEN HORROR is the perfect read for your October festivities!

Seamen and Satellites Halloween Special

Seamen and Satellites Halloween Special

The days grow shorter. The leaves turn shades of red, orange and yellow. A crisp, morning chill hits you for the first time in months. And gourds start showing up on doorsteps.

The Halloween season is here--and so are three great, all-new chilling stories to celebrate the spooks in the shadows. Watch out for monsters, blood suckers and cemetery ghouls and get ready for this special SEAMEN and SATELLITES Halloween issue!

"The Haunting on Holiday Hill"

A woman who moves to the rural Midwest discovers her new house has a frightening past.

"Hits and Treats"

When flyers for a strange contest appear in the days before Halloween, the kids of a small town are charged with filming increasingly extreme acts to gain views on social media--the winner of which will be awarded an undisclosed prize. But who's getting tricked and who will get the treat? This short features Charles Schulz-inspired art in our new series called Highbrow!

"Ghost Pointe"

What lies in the fields beyond the funeral home on Host Pointe? A woman and her young son are about to find out!

Halloween Haunt 2023

​Cereal Creatures Halloween Haunt 2023

Get ready for a chilling, spooky, and spine-tingling new collection of stories that celebrates the Halloween season while bringing you untold horrors all year long! Each story stands alone, but is carefully interwoven to show an unfolding narrative lurking in the background like a monster about to pounce on its victim!

This year’s stories include the origin of serial killer Charlie August as bodies pile up at a posh 1920s hotel leading up to Halloween in Hotel Charlie. Then, a sheriff in a small town begins to suspect something is amiss on All Hallow’s Eve in the middle of the 20th-century tale Halloween '52 (think Mayberry meets the Twilight Zone!). Finally, in modern times, a private detective hunting a pumpkin-headed creature is about to catch up with him—and you won’t believe how this one ends in last year’s The Final Boys follow-up “Gourd Rotter”.

The Halloween Haunt 2023 annual graphic novel delivers terrifying tales of horror from the golden age of the 1920s to mid-century Americana and ending in the pulp noir rain-soaked streets of a modern metropolis. From cover to cover, this comic is full of original, haunting art that will invoke memories of classic horror comics with a modern frightful twist! Pick this one up and we guarantee you’re in for a frightfully good time!

Green Owl Halloween Special

Green Owl Halloween Special #1

Green Owl is spending his first Halloween behind the cowl investigating disturbed graves. The mystery deepens when he and sidekick, Harrowing, find one of the grave robbers dead. As All Hallows Eve beckons, the heroes find themselves facing a mobster who was killed fifty years earlier. He's back for to reclaim his city and his first act is to recreate the bloody battle that led to his demise--known to this day as the Halloween Massacre!

New Age of Monsters Halloween Special 2020

New Age of Monsters Halloween Special 2020

In a year of real-life chaos, we're presenting this all-new Halloween special featuring some of our most shocking and wildest stories yet! Follow the tricks and treats as our newest character goes from serial killer to supervillain, watch as Agents Wright and Stein take on a dive-bombing witch, and then our biggest story forces Teen Satan, Soldier Spook, Crash Kid and the Savage Scarecrow to team up to take down a kaiju! And all of this madness is wrapped together by a Halloween night conspiracy at S.P.A.C.E. headquarters. Where else can you see a Sasquatch punch out a witch? Wacky, strange, sexy and spooky stories await you in this extra-size one-shot that can only come together in the year 2020. Happy Halloween!

Giant-Size Halloween Special

Cereal Creatures Giant-Size Halloween Special #1

The creatively demented minds of the Cereal Creatures blog come to comics with this massive one-shot showcasing Halloween tales of mystery and horror! From a demented masked serial killer to a vintage little devil, these new stories will get you in the mood for spooky season! Don’t miss the world debut of our newest character—Mortimer! He’s just a monster tryin’ to live it up in the ‘90’s! And then we’ve got an extra special return of Charlie—the Halloween dummy with a penchant for murder! Tricks and treats abound in the first ever CEREAL CREATURES HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!

Green Owl Annual #1

​The Green Owl Annual #1

It's Halloween in Justice City and the town is on lockdown as the supervillain known as Pumpkin Patch has returned to bring his own brand of terror to the unsuspecting citizens. With no other option available to her, Commissioner Jansen contacts the Green Owl and his partner Harrowing to save the day! But the once-in-a-lifetime celestial event, a Blood Moon on Halloween, brings a more sinister and hostile Pumpkin Patch and when he gets control of a mystical artifact it will have a shocking effect on the young heroes! Can Green Owl overcome the menacing criminal or will Justice City be forced to live in eternal night? Plus, don't miss the first appearance of Green Owl's latest ally!

Teen Satan #3 Halloween Special

​Teen Satan #3 Halloween Special

S.P.A.C.E., the government agency responsible for investigating the strange and spooky happenings of the world, sends their top satanic-inspired agent, Joshua Brandt, to investigate possible paranormal activity in a Kansas cornfield on Halloween night. What first appears to be nothing but corn and a sexy farmer's son--both in need of shucking if Joshua has his way--turns into a night of Druids, zombies and an event so shocking, it'll give you nightmares! Heroes, horror and Halloween mix it up in this all-new, special issue of TEEN SATAN!

The Final Boys: Halloween Apocalypse

​The Final Boys Halloween Apocalypse

On the verge of getting out of the comics business, Stan Lee’s wife encouraged Stan to do the comic he always wanted, the way he wanted it. And that bore “The Fantastic Four.” Well, we did the same thing, and we got our own foursome—sort of.

On Halloween, it seems a nuclear device decimated the world and only a powerful A.I. remains to rebuild things. But after sustaining damage in the incident, it decided the best way to save the world was to create heroes based on old VHS B-Movie “heroes”. Come together on this spooky, post-apocalyptic Halloween and meet our radiation-borne heroes: Jak the half-human, half-pumpkin teenage slacker. Savage Owl, half-human, half-owl (and all savage). Tod, half-human, half-demonic baby. And Dr. Frankenstein, who has been selected as their guide. Can this strangest of strange and unlikely avengers take on the mysterious half-robot, half-recycled human organs automatons that now claim the Earth?

I think Stan would be proud.

This special, first edition includes full renderings of VHS-style sleeves for our characters plus unused art gallery!

Probed #1

​Probed #1

Welcome to Grudge, Missouri, a small town where things go bump in the night--and Halloween is no exception. Teenager Tim Morris wants only one thing--to escape the gaudy costumes and trick-or-treat hijinks to watch a movie with this potential boyfriend, Zack. All is well until a strange craft crashes nearby and the two teens come face to face with what appears to be an extraterrestrial invader. Running for their lives, they find the harrowing night is only beginning as power goes out across the county and a serial killer has escaped captivity. While Tim's father, the town sheriff, struggles to maintain control, Tim finds that this Halloween is about to get much weirder before the night is over!

This House is Haunted

This House is Haunted: The Complete Horror Collection

A book with a title like this needs no introduction. THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED: THE COMPLETE HORROR COLLECTION is an original graphic novel that traces the bloody history of the houses built upon a cursed section of land in the heartland. The original THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED tells the story of the Wilson family who soon discover their dream home is already occupied. What starts out as a few strange happenings soon turns into a deadly confrontation with true evil. And finally, the revelation of a horrific monster wearing a gas mask and contamination suit sets the stage for a mystery that is explored in the second chapter, THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED 2: ORIGINS, in which another family is tormented by the hauntings fifty years earlier in a different house on the same piece of land and the climactic battle that bridges the two stories together. And finally, a special short that takes place in the year 1861 on the ground that will one day have the haunted houses built upon it!

Don’t miss this frightening tale of suspense and horror collected here for the first time!

End Trails #4 "Devil's Night"

​End Trails #4 "Devil's Night"

On Halloween, FBI Agents Dietrich and Harper are on the case of a serial killer whose victims are gruesomely burned. As darkness falls on All Hallows' Eve and the body count rises, the agents frantically search for a murderer who seems to be in multiple places at once. And what does this case have to do with a brutal murder on Halloween back in 1981?

Pumpkin Spice Volume One

​Pumpkin Spice Volume One

You can never go home again. That's what FBI Special Agent Rebecca Spice believed until she was called in to investigate a rash of ritualistic murders in her small New England home town of Harvest Landing. Fifteen years earlier, she and her father narrowly escaped a terror-filled night on October 31, when a ruthless serial killer attacked her, critically wounded her father, and killed many others. Now, the murders have started again and she's certain they are linked to those from more than a decade earlier. As the days grow shorter and the nights become longer, the body count begins to add up. With Halloween just around the corner, can Agent Spice protect the unsuspecting people from the monster that walks the dank streets of Harvest Landing and will she finally get the revenge she seeks?

Galaxy Tales Halloween Omnibus

​Galaxy Tales Halloween Omnibus

The leaves begin to fall. There’s the first hint of a chill in the early morning air foreshadowing the season soon to come upon us. As the dark half of the year beckons, the days grow shorter and the night of masks, jack o’lanterns, ghost and goblins will be here. Halloween.

Every October, for the past six years, OsbournDraw Comics has released free online comics featuring original, spooky Halloween-themed stories. Now, for the first time, those tales are collected in one extra-length omnibus! Experience an alien invasion as it happens! Escape a murderous witch on a college campus! Find your way out of a town terrorized by ghost children in 1957! Run for your life as everyone in your rural home town, including those closest to you, become killer zombies! PLUS, see the best of our Halloween-themed art from over the years! Whether you’re looking for a trick or a treat or just a scary story, there’s something for everyone in the GALAXY TALES HALLOWEEN OMNIBUS!

OD Comics Halloween Omnibus

​OD Comics Halloween Omnibus

The days are shorter. The chill is in the air. The leaves are turning brilliant orange, red and yellow. And on the front stoop of many American dwellings, you'll find a butchered tell-tale gourd that signals the onslaught of HALLOWEEN.This unique assemblance of stories collects some of our spookiest and most hauntingly Halloween-centric stories from the past decade of OD Comics. From the dark alleyways of the GREEN OWL to a mysterious cornfield that has tantalized TEEN SATAN, you'll find your favorite OWLVERSE characters taking on the dangerous and the macabre. And don't miss the absolute strange and scary standalone stories that feature our best takes on horror.It's our favorite time of year and this all-new, massive HALLOWEEN OMNIBUS is our treat to you--no tricks, we promise!

Saturday Morning Cartoon Show Halloween Special

​Imagine the nostalgia of gathering in front of the television, cereal bowl in hand, eagerly anticipating the next episode of your favorite cartoon series. Now, we've transformed that experience into the captivating world of comic books. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with our charismatic host, Gourd Rotter, as he unveils a sensational collection of all-new spooky and thrilling comic stories. Just like a Saturday morning cartoon block, this spine-tingling lineup features the unforgettable comedic adventures of the Lil' Boy Monsters, the timeless heroics of The Golden Age Green Owl, and the pulse-pounding excitement of The Final Boys. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable ride that will send shivers down your spine!



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